We are a multidisciplinary team of young people who love what they do. Communication is our thread and politics our passion. This combination is the basis of our work: Digital Communication and strategy.

Through an innovative methodology and a model developed by Ojiva Consultores, which consists of digital public opinion research, combining qualitative and quantitative variables; We analyze the socio-political context to develop comprehensive communication strategies for our clients, and make sound decisions that allow them to meet their objectives.


digital strategy

Ojiva Consultores is the most specialized digital strategy consulting firm in Latinamerica. We design, operate and execute the digital strategy of hundreds of clientes throughout the continent. We develop research for strategic decision making, audiovisual production, social media management, reports, monitoring, containment and contrast.

Analysis and Projection

We give life to the data through a statistical, predictive and projective analysis with quantitative and qualitative variables. This allows us to generate the best digital communication strategies so that, effectively, we reach the specific objectives of each client.

Social Media ads

Ojiva specializes in the design, management and optimization of ads in digital media and social networks.

Audiovisual production

We have a multidisciplinary team specialized in the creation, design, lifting of material, recording, production and postproduction so all your ideas look amazing

Visual communication and web design

Creation and production of creative and innovative graphic image, content for social networks, brand creation, as well as development of websites according to the needs of candidates and campaigns.

event organization

From conceptual creation to event coverage, from beginning to end we are capable of  its realization.


Esto es lo que un profesional del marketing debe de saber

Esto es lo que un profesional del marketing debe de saber

El 2018 reflejó una inversión de 14 mil 610 millones de pesos por parte de las agencias de promociones, lo que representó un crecimiento de 15.2 por ciento respecto a 2017, de acuerdo con el Departamento de Investigación de Merca2.0. Definiendo a las promociones como...

Estratega digital del año: pionera del big data

Estratega digital del año: pionera del big data

Creadora de Capisci, pionera del Big Data en la estrategia política       Andrea de Anda es socia directora de Ojiva Consultores, empresa dedicada a la Estrategia digital. A sus 29 años ha diseñado y ejecutado la estrategia digital de más de 40 campañas ganadoras en...


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